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This website is where .............


you can read what I think (That's What I Think - TWIT, yes, I maybe one, haha), then you can make a comment and tell everyone what you think (How About You? ) Hence :- TWITHAY


Based in Torbay, Devon, UK so some thoughts on local topics/issues as well as comments on national and international headlines. Reviews are again from anywhere and everywhere so it's your chance to contribute.

If you are new to this site please read the STATEMENTS below and abide by them. Thank you.

BLOG - Quick comments, views, short reviews on anything for you to use as a resource or make a response.

FORUM + REVIEWS _- HOW ABOUT YOU? - More in-depth comments on headline topics including reviews of services, products and establishments. You are encouraged to join in. Commissioned assessments gladly taken.





The views expressed by TWITHAY on this website are personal opinions in most cases. However, some statements and observations are included to stimulate, or even provoke, reaction comments from readers.

There is never any intention to be anything but unbiased and against all forms of racism and discrimination.


If change in society is your aim then please promote this through peaceful means. Learn from the mistakes of "History". Do not repeat them. 

Any comments contrary to the wellbeing of any groups or individuals will be removed as soon as possible.

Please enjoy here the free speech that many have strived and died for throughout history and do not abuse this privilege.

The scenic pictures have been submitted by Jim Parry. 

Thank you for these outstanding photos gathered from around Devon.

If you have pictures of which you are proud please send these in and share them with us.

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