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10 to the Top - Top of the Flops?

Just listened again to BBC2's new quiz created in response to Ken Bruce taking his music quiz with him when he left.

When I first heard it I was not impressed. The scoring system not complicated it makes the running total difficult to track. I assume it is supposed to give us the impression walking up a hill while collecting points by answering 10 questions of increasing value only to get knocked back to 1pt after failing a question. You can randomly double your score on any question by playing a joker. Never heard that before! Of course, you have to be lucky to know the answer for your action to be beneficial. Otherwise you collect double zero!

So, you've already worked out that 65pts is the maximum score if you get 9 questions correct in a row and are also successful in answering the 10th question while playing your joker.

A while back I heard someone score 27pts, I think, but today the winner score 15pts while the other contestant scored 6pts. Scores below 10pts seem most common, but I'm not sure as I switch to other stations as no suitable replacement, in my opinion, has or will replace Ken Bruce. When does he start on Greatest Hits Radio? Not soon enough for me!

Still not impressed.


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