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Alison Hammond

I see that Alison Hammond has succeeded Matt Lucas as a presenter on Great British Bake Off. That shouldn't tax the scriptwriters too much just like it hasn't done before. She only has to make some short silly comment and follow it with a wide mouthed belly laugh. Easy.

Although she didn't find it a laugh being blackmailed. Why would she? That must have been distressing.

Apparently she paid thousands to avoid the blackmailer spreading lies about her. Mmmm, if they were lies surely they could be disproved. So, why pay up? Well, in our modern culture the lies would be so widespread via social media that many would believe them as being the truth, even if they weren't. Not worth the hassle I guess so she paid, hoping it would go away. That's naive.

Purely in the interest of being nosey, can we know what the lies were please?


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