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Amazing Bikes and Models

It was supposed to be a day at the beach but incredibly the Met. Office got it wrong and we suffered minor downpours.

What to do with the kids who've just started their summer holidays?

We found The Jolly Roger at Bovey Tracey from our online search and it was free. What a bonus!

However, because of that we thought it would be few bikes and models so our expectations were not high. Were we wrong? I thought it was fantastic and so did the kids.

There was a vast number of immaculately presented Harleys and an incredible number of life-sized models and 3D figures.

Recognise here some of our favourites, but visit The Jolly Roger for yourselves to capture your own idols.

If you like a scare then try the House of Horrors.

Finally, if you need refreshments then they are at hand at Josie's.

This low key attraction is a hidden gem and well worth a visit. It's recomended by Twithay. What do you think?

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