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Art Works. Does it Really?

Well that seems to be the strategy to produce a safer environment in Torbay. If the surroundings are pretty then anti-social will be curbed. Sure, your average druggie or alcoholic who wanders the streets will think twice about their behaviour if confronted by plants, trees, murals and an arts trail! I don't think so!!!

Yes, great, more funding for CCTV and street lighting. What's the point when there are not enough enforcement staff to instantly react to incidents? Furthermore, there will continue to be little or no follow-up of video footage as that is time consuming and requires more staff hours for paperwork.

I think I remember a promise that there were going to be 4/5 more police dedicated to street safety concerns. One of these people will be the coordinator, (planning not working?), the other 4 can't each work 24 hrs a day, they shouldn't work alone and they really need to cover the whole Bay not just Castle Circus. How much actual coverage will this group be able to offer?

OK. Allocating about £13000 from specific Funds to make some places look smarter can't be a bad thing. However, don't be deluded into thinking or saying that it will help cure anti-social behaviour on the streets. More upfront enforcement staff on the streets, with the requisite backup, seems to me to be a more viable strategy. I don't think Art Works!

That's What I How About You?


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