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Bye Bye Radio 2

With the appointment of Vernon Kay as Ken Bruce's replacement on BBC2 I shall be listening to Greatest Hits Radio or Boom Radio in the future.

Nothing personal Vernon but I'm anticipating a laddie version of the Zoe Ball and Sarah Cox shows and they dont appeal to me. In fact, I get irritated by their style.

Inane conversations with people in the studio or on the telephone instead of appearing to talk to me.

Farewell Ken. Your style of presenting will be greatly missed.

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And just because you win Catchphrase doesn't mean I've changed my mind Vernon!


Oh yes, forgot them. Rob Beckett is an example of someone trying to do a job for which they have little experience apart from being a stand-up comedian and often employed as part of a double act with another comedian.

Thanks for your comment Mr B!




and then we have Scott Mills and Rob Beckett, sorry Radio 2 I have moved onto other stations …… Radio Caroline sometimes, with Boom Radio and Greatest Hits Radio! All good!

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