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Child Care

I read a couple selected statements from two mothers to the BBC complaining about the cost of child care for their eight and nine month old children. It's stopping them going back to work because the expense of care wouldn't make working worth it. They may, in actual fact, be paying to work.

A lady from some charity said that the quality of carers for children might be reduced as more child carers are being incentivised, by a Government payment, to take up this employment. She concluded by stating that this would be detrimental because child development up to 5 years old is crucial and fundamental . I totally agree with that psycho-socio theory.

So, going back to our two mothers who want to put their kids into care before they even reach a year old, may I ask, why did you have a child in the first place? I assume it was by choice, maybe not. That's another issue. Was it to satisfy some ego urge to see what they'd look like or how they'd turn out in general.? Whatever. Child rearing is not easy and early bonding is so important. Abdication of care is unacceptable. How about those who claim, rightly so in many cases I guess, that coming from a broke home adversely affect them growing up. Being put into nursery care at eight/nine months could be hypothesised as having the same affect as coming from a broken home.

It was your decision to have a child. If you couldn't afford the expense of caring for your offspring in your own home, giving it all the love, support and training it requires then wait until you can. Don't fob them off to others at our expense.

Of course there are exceptions which I'm sure someone will highlight.


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