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Dave Wilkins - Roofer

I work on the basis that there's nothing better than a personal recommendation and when my house sprung a leak a few weeks back I was in need of a good roofer.

I couldn't get up on the roof to look myself so when I was first told the whole roof needed replacing I was sceptical.

I asked a friend if he knew anyone to do the work or at less assess the situation.

He recommended Dave Wilkins of Wilkins Roofing, so I gave him a call. As you would expect for anyone of quality he was busy, but said he'd pop in soon, perhaps on his way home after work one day. Today he made that call. Unfortunately my worst fears were confirmed as was the original diagnosis by the first company. He concluded I need a new roof but as he wasn't into flat roofing, he couldn't do the job.

Not only did he clamber up two ladders to reach the problem but on the way down he spotted and replaced four broken tiles with new ones.

On leaving I asked if I could give him something for his time, expertise and replacing the tiles?

He refused.

Great to know that personal recommendations still work and there are honest tradesmen providing outstanding service.

Wilkins Roofing (Torbay) gets 10 out of 10 from me.

Contact details:-

01803 558231



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