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Devon & Cornwall Policing Highlights 2023/24

Operation Loki targeted antisocial behaviour and drug dealing. Here are the published results for Torbay, Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.


5318 engaged by police - 41 arrests


16,757 engaged by police - 4 arrests


3351 engaged by police - 33 arrests


1892 engaged by police - 7 arrests.

Not outstandingly high result rates but at least there were officers on the streets. Let's have more with stricter backup penalties and/or rehabilitation.

I did like the sound of the Prisoners Building Homes projects to deliver affordable housing in Mid Devon. Convicts could build themselves somewhere to live for when they get released! Joking! No, this sounds a good idea that needs to be expanded upon, perhaps into developing other skills like car maintenance, social caring or even dentistry!!!



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