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eBay Good - eBay Bad

Time to replace old phone and decided to buy a Samsung A14 5G via eBay. I already have a cheap SIM so seemed a good idea.

I order the phone from bargainelectronic-7 and paid on the 17th June. They had a 100% feedback score which was encouraging. Rightly so, because on the 20th June I happily received the phone. Well done.

On the other hand I ordered, and paid for, a Galaxy A14 5G Case Leather Wallet from pixfab on the same day, 17th June. It was supposed to also arrive on the 20th June but hadn't done so by the 26th. Communication with the vendor has been OK but fruitless. They blamed the Postal Service, that's an old line and later offered to send another, but when would I get that I wondered, so I decided that was it. I've asked for a refund.

pixfab has a positive feedback of 98.7% which when considering sales of 338832 is pretty good. Shame I am in the 1.3%. Let's hope the refund process works.

I feel bad now! The case arrived via the postie today. The address on the label was faded and hard to read but someone locally in the Post Office presumably had written the correct address in pen on the label. So, sorry for doubting you, pixfab, please renew your label printer ink and you will be getting a positive feedback from me.


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