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Govt. Pay For Care!!

If you've paid your National Insurance for 35 years and managed to eke out mortgage repayments at the same time, you are possibly over 65/66/67yrs old, whatever, receiving State Pension and are mortgage free. Well done! Your years of careful expenditure, lack of phone contracts, no satellite TV and local holidays will be rewarded by you having to pay for nursing home fees if needed.

That's not fair and not addressed by the latest Aurumn Statement pre-election give away.

Why should the average wage earners have to pay when those on Benefits etc have this care paid for from public funds?

You are required to sell your house and give the majority of it to the Government. Not fair!!

The Chancellor keeps the triple-lock which does seem fair considering all the handouts to those who have never worked or have recently arrived from other countries. However, this rise will push some recipients into the pay tax bracket, so may not be much of an increase.

Inheritance Tax allowances kept at same level which is probably reasonable but still questionable given the recent percentage rise in salaries.

Dear Chancellor,

If giving old savers and home owners nothing else at least "level up" and give them FREE CARE in retirement.


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