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I Feel, I Feel, I Feel.....It's Racism!

Maybe if you look hard enough and are determined you'll find racism anywhere. Perhap that's what happened with Shazia Hussain and her interpretation of interactions she experrienced with other contestants in this years Apprentice. I just thought she was overbearing and annoying. Can I just say that without being accused of being racist?


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Mar 22, 2023

The daily Mirrior yesterday carried the racism results from Chepstow. They're blooming hopeless - it should, of course, have read 'Racism results from Haydock.

Replying to

Well is was playing Bridge the other day and my trick was trumped by someone playing the racist card.

Thanks for your contributions Jim they have been much appreciated. As you can see I'll be closing the site in mid-April unless I change my mind.


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