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I Said Jack's Your Man

What a diabolical football performance by England's men, I don't want the women to be similarly labelled so I say, men, last night against Denmark!!

I said on the 7th June, please look back, that Jack Grealish should be included in the Euro campaign squad despite not having played that well at the end of the season.

He's impudent and takes on defences but will also play the tip-tap short pass favoured by Gareth Southgate if required. He runs at defences and, yes, they know that, but are cautious of tackling him for fear of giving away a free kick or penalty. He's unpredictable and cheeky on the field.

As for this misguided England obsession with playing ' keep the ball ' around the penalty area, Stop It!

Surprise is a factor that can be used in sports but there's nothing new or inventive in the England attack. It's so s l o w. Quick counter attacks can be potent and remember the opposition goal is at the other end of the pitch from ours. Much safer to play in their end.

So, no chance that Jack can play therefore other players in midfield and forward need to step up.

Let's see some ideas, flair and greater energy at least.

Glad to see the England T20 cricket team has given us some hope from their victory over the West Indies. Next, a big test against South Africa.


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