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It Can't Get Worse, Can It?

A couple of weeks ago a leaking pipe above our kitchen caused the ceiling to collapse. Luckily no-one underneath so no casualties.

Today our builder arrived, cleared the remaining polystyrene chip insulation, tidied and squared up the dry plasterboard and installed new insulation before applying two coats of plaster. Just some tiling in the shower room above for me to finish tomorrow. Great!

Then the mail arrived!

Firstly, a notice from the Council with the usual guff about why the tax has gone up again, this time by 4.7%. The Police Commissioner outlines improvements including £500k to improve the service to those who complain about the police (what?), better 101 and 999 call answering and new callback service (help I'm being robbed at home, give me a callback!), 4 more Police Enquiry Offices (questions like where do I find a police officer when I need one urgently?), £5m to Exmouth Police Station rebuild (I hope it's nice and cosy and no good if you live out of Exmouth ) and £8.4m 'earmarked' to help crime victims and reduce reoffending. ( exactly how does that work?)

If I'm getting assaulted by some junkie, drunk or anybody I wouldn't feel better knowing it was on CCTV or that there is a new callback service. Everybody, if you're local, knows where the antisocial/no go areas are so, put police foot patrols in those areas. We need more police on the beat not most of them in cars. Yes, some in car to get to crimes quickly, but it's no good having reporting systems and offices if you don't have manpower instantly available.

So, to say that we have retained our number of police officers (3610) is not credit worthy but how these are deployed is a huge concern. Priority on foot patrols please.

Secondly, our dentist, MyDentist, is going private. No more treatment on the NHS! Every way you turn and there is more expense! Our options are that we can take out a monthly payment plan or find another NHS dentist. Yeah, like they are easy to find, not!!!! If you find one they'll probably not be taking new NHS patients anyway. Again, person power shortages I guess and more expense passed on to the workers.

Ho, I've really just had a filling drop out that was done by MyDentist, so where can I get it fixed for free? Well, not free, I have paid National Insurance for 35 years.

Yep it can get worse!!!


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