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Lineker and Asylum Seekers

Twithay: Gary Lineker is surely allowed to voice his opinions, like we all can with a few exceptions, so if he hasn't signed to waive his right to do so, say, in a contract for example, let him speak.

What annoys me is that so called personalities use their public notoriety to pontificate about anything as if they are experts on everything, to the point that they appear to actually believe their opinions are worth more than normal people.

I have a simplistic issue with asylum.

Asylum seekers in small boats finally come to us from a free country, France. Because of this, and probably because they have also travelled through other non-conflict countries, I think that makes them economic migrants. Yes, we probably have one of the best benefits programmes in the world, so, understandably, they prefer to join us than stay in France. This is illegal entry and needs to be stopped.

It doesn't help when we hear that asylum seekers have better access to doctors, are housed in hotels, fed, clothed, given allowances yet complain about their lot.


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