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Majorca - Getting There

Updated: Apr 28

Why was Alexa playing Living Next Door to Alice by Smokie and it wasn't even daylight? It was 3am and everyone, including the dog, was wondering around in a daze because two of us needed to be at Exeter Airport by 4:25am to checkin for the flight to Majorca!

We made with ease and the efficiency of the Airport staff meant we were seated ready to fly on time. Alas, the TUI plane wasn't. The engines needed to be defrosted!! It was on one degree outside aa we knew full well from our walk across the tarmac to board.

We left about 40 minutes late but caught up some time and arrived only 20 minutes behind schedule! Seating was rather tight even for me but the flight was excellent. Catering from Cardiff, why from Cardiff?, didn't arrive for the flight so that was a bonus too.

Only one customs officer stamping passports, Brexit payback?, and queue priority given to those needing assistance and their entourage meant that the entry process was slow. However, it didn't matter because unloading baggage was even slower.

Finally got to greeting area 4 and saw my name on the taxi driver's noticeboard. Off we went.

From door to door it had been about 7 hours and we checked into the Sentido Tucan, Cala D'Or.

More about the hotel and holiday in Part 2.

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