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Mallorca - Entertainment 2

We were fortunate not to have any novelty acts. In the past we have been subjected to a magician's act that would be more suited to a child's birthday party.

Sharon performed a variety of songs and the audience was enthusiastic. At one time a lady joined her on stage and proceeded to sing, off key, and nearly ruined the set. However, Sharon continued professionally, smiling and hitting her notes until the 'extra' was encouraged to leave.

Unfortunately when Sharon returned a week later her sound was rather shrill and a bit too loud. The audience size was reduced and no-one seemed inclined to dance. A pity.

Finesse showed some variety and gave us more modern songs like those from Bruno Mars. However, their rendition of the classic holiday singers crowd puller, Sweet Caroline, was a failure due to them not knowing the words sufficiently well to get the audience to sing in the right places.

They only performed for the bare one hour and started to say that the next song would be their last after 45 minutes. This duo has potential but must work on their professionalism.

JukeBox seemed to enjoy their own performance more than the audience did. It's hard to tell who is playing what when synthesisers and backing tracks are being used. I didn't stay long to watch as I was soon disinterested. Anyone else seen them. Please put me right if I gained the wrong impression.

Friday saw Carisma Della perform in her Latin American style with some pop music, yes, ABBA, and Reggae. Powerful voice but a little high pitched for me. What do you think? Watch the video above.

Saxcess is probably a misnomer because there was no need for a sax at all. The solo input was minimal and probably not necessary anyway. He could be easily replaced by a backing track.

The powerful singer had connection problems with her microphone and it kept on cutting out.

Now for the climax to our two weeks of evening entertainment. Totally Tina! Am I bias, yes?! I'm a keen listener to her music and if the tribute artist is anyways close to her that's great. Judge for yourselves from the following videos. The low sound and picture quality are my fault but you can get a good idea of her ability.

A great way to finish this section with " Private Dancer "

In summary, the artists were in the majority good performers and played favourite songs for all to join in. However, this can become repetitive when everyone relies upon, say, "Stand by Me" to get the crowd going. In defense of the performers, their success depended on the audience composition. Younger groups of guests here for a party were conducive to an enjoyable evening for everyone.

Artists: 3 out of 5

Audiences: 3 out of 5

Totally Tina: 5 out of 5!!


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