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Mallorca - Entertainment

Enjoyment from the entertainment provided will depend on personal taste and what follows are critiques based on that premis.

We saw the duo, Valmont 2.0, who performed many favourites including Wasting Away in Margaritaville and Unchained Melody. They played in the bar which is L-shaped so there is limited visibility as the duo were setup in the corner. However, they provided good quality vocals and an enjoyable evening was had, especially by the 'oldies'.

These videos are rather dark but you can get an idea of the vocals.

On the second evening we experienced a contrast when Loop Senses performed classic, jazz, Spanish, Latin and popular tunes and songs. His version of Hotel California was new to me and brilliant. He wasn't everyone's favourite but very talented.

At one point in the evening Girls Aloud ( my name for the 4 ladies whose company we enyoyed) reformed and set the dance floor alight. The four friends helped both artistes and guests enjoy the entertainment by adding their own input. Lovely to meet you Jackie. Jane, Karen and Tracey.

And "Girls Aloud"...........

The following night we enjoyed the holiday classic entertainer who went through the songbooks of Elvis, Ben E King, Stevie Wonder etc a well as modern Rock 'n Roll favourites.

Rock & Roll Kings got everyone dancing.

Tuesday is Bingo night. Each attendees is given a free card and there are prizes for the first row, second row and full house. Good quality Cava as prizes and a free day on a Bali sunbed was the top prize.

You are encouraged to put a music request on the back of your tickets and these are used for the playlist that followed. Again dancing took place.

One night of this is fine and gives a rest from acts performing big star's hits.

Acts to come are; Sharon, Totally Tina ( wow ), Carisma Della and Finesse. Reviews and videos soon. Keep coming back.


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