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Mallorca - Food & Drink

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Food at the Sentido.

For all inclusive holidays my maxim is that you can always find something to eat and drink even at the poorest catering establishments. This was a difficult task at our last venture to Palma Nova in March 2022 so we were apprehensive.

No need to be. While the number of options for salads, for example, was limited everything indicated good quality ingredients that had been cooked with expertise and care. How many vegetables do you want anyway?

The staples are here, paella, pizza and chips but don't think it's a fast food takeaway. It's not.

We have had dishes of Monkfish, Suckling Pig, Steak, Calamari, Salmon, Pork, Lamb, Prawns etc.

All meals are buffet style. In the morning Traditional English breakfast is available with the usual cold meats, cheeses, breads, crackers and cereal options too. There are about six types of milk on offer and the fresh fruit is succulent.

As with all buffets cooked meat suffers from being left under heat lamps that can cause it to dry out or overcook. That's not the chef's fault. For the best meals get there early and not 5 minutes before close. The dishes were replenished throughout service to try to avoid dropping in standards.

Lunch is not a very busy time in the restaurant because not everyone is All-In. However, the food may be considered to be some of the best of the day. Today, for example there was American Style grilled chicken, beef goulash and fresh fish as well as the usual staples. Delicious!

So, in conclusion, there are not huge buffet sections but the quality is unquestionable. If you want something, just ask.


All Inclusive drinks.

Again, a bad experience last time. Just adding Tequila to a portion of premixed Tequila Sunrise solution does not constitute a good cocktail to me. However, at the Sentido it's different. Yes, local versions or Gin, Vodka etc are used but the mixture is created on the spot. Look for the video about making Sangria in the Entertainment Review later.

A clear list of what is included with AIi In is on the Beverage Menu. The Cava is very drinkable as are the wines. I was particularly please with the sweetness of the red wine. My favourite type of red.

Drinks are largely obtained from superefficient bar staff but you can go to the bar if you want to. Wait time is minimal so why both.

More review of staff in the next part then the Entertainment. Come back soon.


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