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More Police is The Answer

Devon & Cornwall Police are failing in three areas according to a report by the HMI of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services.

Strange that, as we've poured more money into policing over the last few years via increases in allocation from our Council Tax. Does that mean this previous extra money, and that sum will be going up again in our Council Tax bills as they increase this April, has been misguidedly spent/allocated?

One good move. The recent reopening of six front desks. However, that's not many considering the size of Devon and Cornwall, but it is a start.

The solution to policing is simple. Put more 'goodies' on the streets than 'baddies'. Employ more active police and demand less paperwork. Perhaps form a special force that only deals with neighbourhood crimes. A specialised department that has it's own career structure to retain officers?


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