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Mortgage NOT Baby

I read with interest the article on BBC News about a couple putting off having a baby because their mortgage is going up from £750 to £1000.

From the headline I thought how commendable, being responsible citizens and holding off until they could afford both. No, it was just to illustrate one effect of the recent increases in mortgages has had. I remember many years ago when mortgages of £1000 were common place. Also, waiting until you could afford a purchase before making it.

We seem to be in a society of I want it, I have a right to it and someone else should provide it. Whatever 'it' might be.

Yes, if you're able to, you should work, contribute to society and in return society will look after you.


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Feb 06, 2023

I'm sure many couples of child bearing age face a similar dilemma - and it's only right that they delay starting a family until they are satisfied with the circumstances they consider necessary, to rear offspring in conducive fashion. Are you suggesting that the couple you refer to, are 'out-of-order' for making a 'song-&-dance' (a political point scoring exercise) regarding their decision? If so, I agree - why does the rest of the world need to know about their reproductive/financial impediments? I'd like to buy a Ferrari, but the bloody Tories won't give me enough benefit.

Replying to

Yes political point scoring but perhaps it's the Media who are to blame for tactical sampling. I agree we don't need to know their circumstances but I was pleased they had made a responsible decision. More people need to follow that example and even be content with it rather than moan or blame some external forces. We all have to manage within the confines of our lot.

I'd like to be 18yrs old, playing football for Man. City and have just received a pay rise to £25000 a week, but I'm none of these 'cos I live in Torbay. Perhaps moving would solve my problems!

Thanks Jim.


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