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Mr Coughalot

Anyone else had this?

It starts with a trickle down one nostril, then a tickle in the throat followed by coughing for no particular reason. No nasty phlegm....yet. That comes later. You feel tired and your temples throb, so you can't sleep. Oh, don't forget the sneezing. Next stage is when you cough up first colourless phlegm which is then followed by green blobs of mucous. Yuk! Very embarrassing if you venture out in public and stressful as you don't want to pass the condition on to your family or friends.

After dosing with bottles of cough medicine and hot lemon powders for a month the symptoms subside only to be repeated in your spouse/partner.

Well that's over.....for me!

No it's not, because just a couple of weeks later the trickling nose starts again. Here we go. The strenuous coughing once more puts pressure on my three hernia sites and I'm doubled up protecting them.

I'm told to contact our doctor's surgery but what's the point of that? It's hopefully not life threatening so no-one there will take action and certainly I wouldn't get a face-to-face consultation.

I'm not alone. Many of you share the same experience. The process now seems to be:-

diagnosis by,



Receptionist/online submission



Telephone consultation

Tick box of tests ( long waits for xrays etc)


Join a long lists for treatment.

This is just my impression from talking to people and my own experiences. You may have amendments which I'd like to see.

Meanwhile, I'll try to stifle my cough, be conscious about phlegm disposal, endeavour to avoid another hernia and like many of you, self-diagnose and just WAIT.

Come across the Channel in a boat to see a doctor I've heard say!


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16 juin 2023

The best advice I might offer, when faced with the unfortunate circumstances you describe in laudable detail, is to stick the cricket on!!


En réponse à

Doing that right now. On Nelson, 111-2.

Thanks Jim.

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