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Net Immigration

For me the issue raised by the increase in Net Immigration is not one of the surplus of visas granted for work/study, with associated relatives, (ie: legal applications), over the number of people leaving the UK as these figures can be controlled and adjusted. They are the results of paper exercises. Surely these visas are applied for and controlled by Consulates and overseas Government representatives. So if there are too many visas being granted, higher the level of requirements. It's all paperwork.

What isn't, but is more concerning, is the lack of control over economic/illegal migration to these shores and this is where the Government is failing. It needs to kick-start departments to get off their asses and actually physically do something. It's not just talk and stamp a piece of paper.

Furthermore, the negative impact on funds available for existing citizens by supporting economic and illegal migrants to this country can cause resentment and diversiveness.

While wanting to help people in adversity overseas is a good philosophy, surely, there are many suffering in this country too. Every day there are stories in the newspapers about finanical hardship and lack of access to medical treatments. I would suggest that we put our own house in order first. It's a difficult problem because someone has to actually do something other than push paper around.

Keep an eye on what is happening politically in Holland. That should be interesting. I'm guessing they are not the only country where there is an increasing swing to the political right. Let's hope this tendency continues to be peaceful and that the Government have contingency plans if it does not.

Only peaceful democratic action is the right action!


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