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New Pet Hate

Don't spell the distance METRE as a measuring device, METER.

The former is a standard length calculated in the 1790s as one/ten millionth of the distance from the North Pole along a line of meridian to Paris. A platinum rod representing this standard length is kept in Paris. This is a unique, specific and widely used UNIT of measurement and is not interchangeable with an implement for assessing size.

Of course, it's an American thing and meter is their normal spelling of metre. I don't care so much about 'theater' rather than the correct spelling, 'theatre', but I do object to the assumption that Metre and Meter are the same thing. They are not!


Do you have a per hate? I know, people who are fussy about spelling. Haha.

Let me know.

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Blooming auto correct. It should have been 'absolootly '


Feb 09, 2023

Their isn't no excuse for bad grammer and spelling mistaiks.

Replying to

Your absolutely write. Haha


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