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Nightingale Hospital Visit

My Torbay Taxi arrived dead on time and Steve drove me comfortably to my eye examination tests at the Nightingale Hospital in Exeter.

It was strange seeing the NHS modular buildings in the middle of the Sowton Industrial Estate.

However, once inside it looked spacious, well equipped and extremely clean.

After Reception registration I followed the yellow line on the floor and ended up at the Glaucoma waiting area. It seemed almost deserted but there were patients and staff nestled away unseen in various cubicles.

I experienced the full gambut of sight testing from the traditional one eye test to see which line of letters I could read from a card to having stinging eye drops, like lemon juice, and a variety of photos taken. My corneas were also measured.

It was a pretty thorough examination, expertly conducted ( thank goodness ) by a warm and welcoming staff. Thank you.

I am eagerly awaiting the results.

The drive home was again very pleasant despite the rain and high volume of traffic.

Transport was essential because my vision had been impaired by the drops used during the tests. Every car light seemed to be surrounded by multicoloured halos. Impossible for me to drive.

In conclusion, it was a very efficient exercise conducted by the NHS staff and Torbay Taxis!


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