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Non-Contact Rugby

That must be the final result of what we are seeing with the development of Rugby Unon rules. Let's not get anyone hurt surely is the aim. Well, play badminton, tennis or athletic events etc are a few of the usually safer options sportspeople could pursue.

There's a difference in playing the game physically and the intentional hurting of an opponent. Let's stop heading the ball in football as well as stopping head shots in MMA and boxing. (I would say WWF to but that's play acting - Oh, could say that about football too I guess, but not the heading element.)

When sensing an imminent hit it is a natural preparation to turn and present a smaller, more robust target area which is less likely to be injured. In rugby that is the shoulder rather than the chest. It's self-preservation. If both tackler and tacklee go low then we are encouraging more head contact, perhaps with boney knees, not reducing it.

Another consideration. For unintentional head contact show an Amber Card which extends sending off to, say, 15 minutes. The contest then is not totally one-sided for the duration of the remaining time. Well, apart from if the incident occurs 15 minutes or less from the end.

While player safety is important and thuggery needs to be avoided, please don't take the physical aspect out of Rugby.


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