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Not Police Officers' Fault

Don't get me wrong when I commented that the police didn't follow up on the stealing and assault at Aldi yesterday. I'm totally in support of the foot patrols and rapid response units. There just are not enough of them for the size of the problem and that is exacerbated by the lack of prosecution. Wild west without the sherrifs!

Furthermore, I read there are only 1 in 8 police on the beat and presumably they'll get wrapped up in paperwork if they attend an incident. So they're out of the frontline for a few hours.

Where are the rest employed? In offices tracking down commercial criminals because they financially hurt our rich elite? Maybe?

The real hurt happens everyday at a local level. This, I believe, will increase as our population becomes less monitored. It's time now to remember, actions/decisions have consequences and individuals should be made accountable for their own wrong ones.


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