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Paignton Pedestrianisation Part 2

No direct answers, counter arguments or explanatory comments have been received about my submission on this topic.

However, after receiving an acknowledgement of receipt and explaining that Mr Foster was very busy, I did get his latest email detailing his work in the last week.

He says, "I understand the impact of the changes will be reviewed before permanent changes are made". That doesn't fill me with confidence because if the review is conducted in the same way as the original consultation with the public there will be very little change. There certainly will be no reversion to what existed before the change.

This conclusion is supported by the Torbay Council stating that works on the permanent scheme are targeted to start in late 2023. Excuse me, but the trial was supposed to be for 18 months from October 2022. That's until March 2024. So within the year the planters will be replaced by trees, signage upgraded and a start made on converting the road/parking bays into pavement? This will be expensive, especially if the scheme is scrapped.

So you see, there is no way back!!

Do you think we live in a Democracy?


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