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Parking Anywhere?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

It's a problem.

Councils and private companies make stacks of money from charging for car parking especially where free parking is limited or non-existent. What about in residential areas?

I believe it is illegal to park on or partially on the pavement in London and changes in the law may be passed to extend this to the rest of the country. Signage will warn drivers if it is applicable.

It's a problem on Preston Down Road in Paignton.

The pavements both sides are wide so it seems reasonable to put two wheels on them to avoid constricting the flow of the speeding vehicles that use this road!!!

Pedestrians, dog walkers, mobility scooter users and pram pushers, may complain if their paths are narrowed, but some residents along the road might welcome the following idea. Let me know.

To keep pavement parking legal and allow free flow of traffic, paint green lines on wide pavements to show the limit of acceptability for kerb parking.

Perhaps these examples, above and below, are acceptable? Standard widths could be calculated and charted for reference and application.

Notice the cars on the left wholly on the pavement. They could be permitted at least some pavement space as indicated by the green line. Obviously no parking on driveway accesses. Problems solved?

What do you think?

The breaking of the 30mph speed limit on this road is probably a more important issue. Solution: Huge "Sleeping Policemen' at 100yd intervals?!


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