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Pedestrianisation Dilemma

Yes we all want a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous Paignton but at what cost? Firstly, was there a vote for yes or no? I couldn't find this in the archives.

So, on the assumption that pedestrianisation was good, the powers that be came up with 3 options and got a few people to vote for one of them.

( Tuesday 4th October at 12:16pm) The day after pedestrianisation started. Ghost town!

I'll be looking at the statistical model and results and writing more with facts and figures at the weekend. For now, it seems the selected option was ill-conceived, poorly implemented and now causing much discontent amongst those affected most.

That's What I Think, How About You?

I'll be letting you know about some reactions from shop proprietors. Keep watching and have you say.

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