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Pet Hate

No, not the dog next door that keeps barking but anything else that really annoys you.

I'll go first.

I am annoyed, not hate like Jeremy Clarkson would say, apparently, drivers who drive just to the left of the centre line of the road. It's particularly irksome when cars are parked on one side reducing the width to a single lane in both directions. Near misses, clipping door mirrors and mental trauma can result.


What's your pet hate?

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People who pack their supermarket shopping at the till into separate bags, slowly, then search for their card and the card doesn't work. Put your purchases back in the trolley and pack it on the shelves provided. Have your card that works ready or pay cash.



19 déc. 2022

Regarding 'Pet-hates'.

Wife leaving tea-bags in the sink;

Wife buying a fresh loaf when the previous loaf is 75% in tact;

Ad-breaks (I'm almost 100% BBC, apart from the next pet hate);


A bit of egg-shell in an egg 'n' cress sandwich;

Kidney or liver;

Anything related to or pertaining to aston villa;

Jimmy Carr;


All soaps;

Anything manufactured by Fiat.

En réponse à

Ok, how about having the radio on in every room even when inaudible chatter is playing and no-one is really listening?

Putting something that is rarely used on top of something regularly used so you often have to remove the offending item. It never used to be there so why put it there now?

Otherwise, no gripes at home.

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