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Pet Hate

Mixing singular with plural.

"There's" is short for There is.... and should not be used with a plural.

There's many fish in the sea is really saying there is many fish in the sea, which is grammatically incorrect. It should be, there're many fish in the sea which is short for there are many fish in the sea.

Examples of this misuse in speech can, amazingly, often be found on TV news and documentary programmes.

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Jan 09, 2023

Pet Hates "The difficult second album"

ABSOLUTELY - starting an answer with "So" - or - as is often the case "soooooooooo".

"What made you decide to invest in reversible trouser bonds?"

"Sooooooo, my broker recommended them...

Agree also, it does my head in that people don't know the difference between

'there', 'they're' and 'their'- oh and the inappropriate use of ''of' as in:

"You should of finished that by now." Get a grip people.

Other pet hates (volume 2):

  • That song that goes "I'm never gonna not dance again";

  • Racial intolerance;

  • Bullies generally;

  • Queue jumping;

  • Being asked: "Did you have a nice Christmas?"

  • Taking down and stowing away Christmas paraphernalia;

  • Cullompton;

  • False eye-lashes and vanity in general.

  • Self-service supermarket…

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