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Police Everywhere - Please!

Unremarkably a survey about policing resulted in a majority of people being mostly concerned about anti-social behaviour (ASB).

The Chief Constable for Devon and Cornwall, Will Kerr, has a policy to put more police patrols in areas that are particularly troublesome. Good, and about time, that someone has come up with this strategy. It's not a poverbial rocket science solution but it's good to see that someone in the Force has finally deduced the connection between number of ASB crimes and the number of police patrolling. This, linked to more CCTV coverage, will hopefully curtail future criminal activity.

However, being able to spot trouble on the streets doesn't help if you have no human resources to attend the scene quickly. I'd therefore like to see the proportion of funds allocated to recruitment significantly larger than that to CCTV. With almost every member of the community having a smart phone crime reporting could also rely heavily upon the public.

So, more police on the beat, on motorbikes and in cars. More CCTV but larger amount of funds spent on recruitment. Encourage members of the public to report/record incidents on a dedicated phone number.

Let's promote Devon and Cornwall policing so that it is a positive model for the rest of the country.


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