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Politically I'm in favour of a party that doesn't exist.

Basically, from an economic point of view there should be emphasis upon rewarding those who work.

If you, or your parents, have invested money in you educationally then that should be repaid by society because everyone will benefit from your high level skills. Medical and technical professions are two obvious examples.

This is not to underestimate the contribution to society of every worker regardless of qualifications. Providing an environment for every individual or family to be financially self-sufficient, giving back to the community through tax, should be the aim for the ruling political party.

What do you do about those who, for one reason or another, do not work?

A tough question because some people are physically unable to work in the conventional way. However, some able bodied citizens know the system and play it to their advantage. This needs addressing.

Furthermore, the more people working the less likely they have time to be disruptive. No time and too tired!

Politics is more complex than just the issues above and I'd be glad to share, That's What I Think, How About You? just ask.

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