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Raise Retirement Age

This is what the failed PM, Liz Truss, has advocated.

No! We don't need old people working longer, we need younger people to start working. Sure, older people are more experienced, probably good employees and if they work until they die that will also help reduce the cost of caring for the aged. That saving could then be redirected to support those on Credits. The non-workers, the whole families with generations of career dodgers and the basically inherently lazy scivers.

Yes, there are people who are incapable of work, or, at least work as we know it. However, as seen recently on TV, there are opportunities in sheltered workshops available to some people who have limited mentally capacity. So why not expand and adapt this idea to accommodate all people claiming to be unemployable? Bring back workhouses did I hear you say? Even I am not that old and able to remember them functioning.

Anyway, money for nothing just doesn't seem to be fair to me and funding that by increasing the retirement age is even less fair.


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