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Throw enough money at some problems and they disappear. However, some behaviours are encouraged by this tactic.

Keep allocating £Ms to house, feed, dress, educate and medicate asylum seekers is just positive reinforcement for their illegal action. It's basic psychology! That's why they keep coming.

So, why not be a refugee in the European Union? Probably because it's easier to get cared for in all respects in the UK, until you become a citizen that is.

There are so many issues in this country at present that could be solved if there was an enless supply of cash to throw at them. Pay higher wages and everyone would give up 'working at home', more people would staff hospitals, railways, and teachers would be happy. However, there isn't an endless supply of money. Someone has to allocate our limited funds. Diverting money away from investing in NHS supplies and staff maybe saving some lives (Do economic migrants need saving?) while others are being lost due to lack of care.

What causes me to question the whole issue of asylum provision is that we're told that these people will die or be tortured if they stayed in their country. Conditions are supposedly horrendous but then they, or their lawyers, by contrast complain about living in a fully serviced and all inclusive hotel or on a barge. Surely that can't be as bad. I've been on worse holidays and I'm the one who paid.

I am not heartless and sympathise with all people suffering hardship wherever in the world but we also need to look closer to home and solve internal problems first. Any surplus revenue can be allocated for use elsewhere in the world.

It appears that the major motive for our compassion is as an investment for future business benefits to this country. Which individuals or sectors of our society will benefit from YOUR financial investment? Not you or the ordinary citizen.



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