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Remember May 2010, Oldway Mansions.

David Thomas, leader of Torbay Council, has stated that " we do remain committed to restoring Oldway Mansions......." That's easy for him to say but how long has the apathy or lack of decisiveness of successive Councils resulted in an estimated cost of full repair now rising to £54million?

Back in May 2010, according to, Nick Bye, as Mayor I believe, was to sell Oldway to a developer for £1million when the cost of repair, estimated by him, was £2million. A great deal for someone.

This is another example of the lack of efficiency of Councils and committees in general. They are slow to react and often poor decision makers.


Oldway repair estimate £2million


Oldway repair estimate £54million

The main point here is that once again, like with the Torbay Road debacle, Torbay Council has failed. How do you solve a problem like Oldway? It should be a priority.

Save Oldway Soon


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