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Retaliation = Escalation

I thought, even hoped, that the USA had considered acts of retaliation for the terrible attack on their base in Jordan would be detrimental to peace in the Middle East. I believed, until the end of last week, that the US had decided that such a response would only escalate conflict and encourage more tit-for-tat strikes.

The fact that Iran had denied any involvement, even though a questionable idea, was at least a starting point for further dialogue, I mistakenly believed that diplomatic negotiations were the way forward.

So now is it a question of who has the biggest muscle? I think not. Looking at historical conflicts in the Middle East and Asia that have been contested by America/European countries it shows that guerilla warfare is hard to conquer or even suppress just with large military forces.

The call for retaliation is understandable. Three US armed service personnel have been killed and many more injured. However, don't let their tragic loss be remembered purely for being the root cause of plunging the world into another major conflict. Honour them as heroes who underpinned the start towards a solution and not part of the problem with world politics which appears to be based upon religious beliefs and egotism.


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