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Ryder Cup '23

Updated: Oct 1

How funny!? Seeing every player without their hats on thus showing very pale foreheads but tans from their eyebrows downwards. Two-toned faces. Crazy.

Prediction: Europe to win 16-12

Go Europe!!!


Friday Lucky enough not to be doing anything apart from watching the matches today. If you're a golfer then what a fantastic day's play to watch right to the end.

Saturday - Hom(a-lone) Max Homa has been the best American golfer for the first two days of Ryder Cup competition. Only he has helped keep them in with a very slim chance of retaining the Cup. Well done so far so, come on Europe, finish the job tomorrow.

Sunday - Started well but so many near misses for putts by Europe that later it became clenched cheeks time. Fortunately our team showed their resolve and triumphed.

Another success, we showed the Americans how to celebrated without stepping onto the green and the opposition's putting line.

NB: I predicted a 16-12 win to Europe and was a near miss as we actually won 16.5 to 11.5.

Well done Europe and Twithay?

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