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Sainsbury v Tesco

Prior to the Government levy increase Jam Shed red wine could be found for £7 and often on reduction at £6.

Yesterday noticing 25% off purchases of 6 bottles of wine I set off to replenish my cellar store of sweet red wine.

At Tesco, usually a good source of discount wine, I noticed Jam Shed regular price had jumped to £8 and other contenders had likewise increased. So my 25% discount would only serve to reduce it back to the full price, £6, that I had previously paid. I left.

Not confident, I thought I would try Sainsbury today as they too advertised a 25% discount. To my joy Jam Shed was on a red label and selling for £6 each bottle if buying less than 6. Why would you do that anyway? So, I happy bought more than 6 at £4.50, after discount, and clinked all the way through the car park.

Sainsbury wins this one over Tesco.


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