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Shamina Begum

She'll find out tomorrow, Wednesday, whether she can come back to the UK.

How much have the legals costs been so far and how much more money for supervision if she is allowed to return?

She appears neither repentant nor naive as she manipulates various supportive sectors of society.

It's an ideal opportunity for the UK to display zero tolerance towards extremism. Unforgiving? Yes, just ask the relatives of those killed. What about their civil rights?!

Time to send a strong message and do that constantly on immigration issues. We are, for the most, a tolerant society but don't use that against us.


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Feb 21, 2023

You may be familiar with the BBC Radio 4 documentary series (there have been two) 'I am not a monster'. Whether or not she is a monster is subjective. I know one thing though - she lacks contrition. She made her bed...

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She lost!!!


and in todays newspaper!

The Duke of Sussex’s legal action against the Home Office over the decision to reduce his police protection while he is in the UK has cost taxpayers almost £300,000.

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Just the tip of the iceberg!


Agree, well said!

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