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Steward Mistake Again

For the second time Steve Borthwick has left out Freddie Steward from the match day team squad for an important fixture.

Borthwick has so much young talent at his disposal but fails to develop any of them, maybe Freeman is an exception, and at the same time he fails to select the best player England has at this moment.

What is Borthwick's plan for the future or is he taking one game at a time as they say? I could reconcile losing if there was a long term strategy for world rugby domination, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Cole, Marler, Ford, Daly and even Care were all top level performer in their respective positions and probably can still hold their own in the Premiership, but that's not gppd enough. Even if they are the best we have at the moment, they are not the future.

Is Borthwick's tenure coming to an end? Should it? Maybe something to consider.


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