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Surprise, Surprise!!

Last year this cherry tree produced a bumper crop of fruit and so we were looking forward to the same this season.

However, soon after the cherries began to develop, and even before they had ripened, they started to disappear. A few birds flying off as we approached the tree were blamed. I suppose they had to get their food from somewhere so I made no attempt to stop their plundering. (Or was it laziness?)

Now the branches have grown up and are obstructing the light coming through the window into the house. I was forced into action and started to prune the tree.

Three quarters done I repositioned the ladder for the final cuts. Stretching up and pulling a clump of branches forwards me for chopping I heard a noise. As I looked under the leaves I had amassed I saw......

Surprise, surprise! Two quite fat pigeon chicks. They obviously loved the fruit diet. It explains why their parents had been noted flying out of the tree several times during the past weeks.

I covered them up, quietly got down from my ladder and left them in peace.

Anyone for pigeon pie? Just joking!


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