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Sweet Red Wine - Review

I've always been a drinker of sweeter alcoholic beverages rather than bitter ales and CAMRA type beers. Even wines like Sauternes, Muscat and Spatlese are preferred to drier, crisper white and red wines.

When I discovered Jam Shed, a rich, jammy and smooth Australian Shiraz red wine I found my perfect quaffing partner. It's full of body at 13.5% and pleasant tasting of rich, red berry tones.

In terms of price I think I remember it entered the market at £8/9 originally but now it's usually £7 or £6 when on offer or using a loyalty shopping card. It sometimes even appears for 25% discount when buying 6. I buy boxes of it when I spot this offer.

Others from the same source are Malbec, Red Blend and Californian Rose.

Imagine my delight when visiting my local no.4 supermarket and finding a bottle of Australian Kooliburra Jammy Shiraz Red with a label reminiscent of Jam Shed. It too is 13.5% and boasts of cherry and fruit tones. At £5.99 is was worth a try to compare. Observation, almost identical in taste. It was perhaps very, very slightly less sweet but perhaps that was due to the difference in accompanying food.

Conclusion: if it is regularly at £5.99 when Jam Shed is dearer than that, go for it.

If you also like a sweet red but one which is not quite so heavy then try Barefoot Californian Jammy Red at 10.5%. You can even serve it chilled!


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