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TCBC Opening Day

Torbay Country Bowls Club, TCBC, opened their two Greens for the summer season on Saturday 15th April.

The weather was kind and both old and new members alike enjoyed the fantastic facilities that are available.

The Deputy Leader of Torbay Council and Cabinet Member for Finance, Darren Cowell, opened the season by rolling the Silver Jack.

Not a bad style and he was recruited directly into the A-Team! One way to get some more sponsorship.

Club members look on as President Ross Whittington, Captain Neil Chapman and Chairperson Daphne Cocker welcomed Darren Cowell.

Whether you would like to try Bowls, there are four coaches providing free lessons, or are an experienced bowler who would like to join TCBC at Oldway Mansions, then please contact Kay Heaven on 01803 843387.


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