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Thanks RAC

It's really frustrating when you get in your car and it won't start. Fortunately I was at home and although I had "things" to do they weren't urgent.

Thankfully I'm covered for car breakdown through Barclays Bank, £18 a month which also includes airport lounges and travel insurance, if ever we can afford to travel overseas again, so I gave the RAC a call via their website.

I was at home and in no danger so I was rightly not high on their priority list. Estimates of a service vehicle's arrival time started at four and a half hours. Ok, have a meal, cup of coffee and watch a bit of TV. I received updates and apologies for delays every 15 minutes or so which was reassuring.

A vehicle arrived over an hour earlier than predicted and the very able technician fixed the problem within ten minutes. I was impressed with RAC response, the mechanics expertise and professionalism.

Thank you.


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