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That's Better England

OK, I'll concede that George Furbank added to an improved England rugby performance. However, I still maintain that Freddie Steward is the better full-back. As Matt Dawson said in his review, Furback caused havoc running in the 13 channel but I feel he was rather lightweight as illustrated on one occasion by an Irish forward who lifted him horizontally totally off the ground. He wouldn't have done that to Steward, and yes, Steward attacks just as much, so he too would have been there. Adding ariel dominance to his understanding of the game makes Steward, for me, the superior candidate for the full-back position.

Yes, I would include Furbank in the squad because he is very versatile being able to fill multiple positions. Perhaps he could replace Daly who's main asset of the long distance penalty kick failed him on Saturday.

While the England performance left alot to be upbeat about, poor George Ford had a less inspiring day. He could have added points at times that would have eased England's scoreboard tension. Being back to fitness, Marcus Smith is the obvious choice at 10. Give Fin Smith a run as understudy.

The Slade-Lawrence partnership was an improvement over their last outing with Lawrence looking particularly dangerous.

Great energy and two very competitive sides produced a thrilling game for both sets of supporters.


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