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The Good now The Bad

It seems ages since returning from Mallorca and it's not been an easy time.

The holiday, hotel, flights and transfers were all superb as I hope you have read previously. If not, please check back. There is a roundup blog to follow shortly too. If I survive.

However, we've both been laid low by intense coughing, runny noses and general malaise. At one stage we thought it could be Covid but the test indicated negative.

It's impossible to see a doctor so we rely on cough mixtures, hot lemon powders, lozenges and expelling as much mucous as possible. We still have the symptoms now . I'm sure there are thousands of other people suffering in silence rather than attempt to jump through all the hoops necessary to make an appointment with someone, somewhere on the telephone.

We are not alone.

The medical service, if you can get it, still remains top class but a system supporting easy access to a qualfied medical person, not a receptionist, needs to be created. Is it dial 111? How ill do you need to be for that call?


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