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Tor(y)Bay Road

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

I'm not a great supporter of politics but sometimes it works.

The previous Liberal majority Torbay Council made a complete mess up of the pedestrianisation of Torbay Road and in the process I guess they lost a considerable amount of money. Has anyone been made accountable? I suspect not. So, when the local election came along I, like many Bay residents, voted Tory purely to oust the inept Liberals because of their mismanagement of this issue. The Tories got in on their promise to reverse/amend the pedestrianisation of Torbay Road. That now is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Monday, so the power of the people has been successful.

Now for new build housing projects. Who's gaining financially and what affect will these developments have upon already stretched local services? Do we need a floating hotel as well?!

Make your objections known.


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