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Torbay Road-Again

I read with disbelief articles reporting the past events leading to Torbay Road full closure. How gullible do you think we are?

Only two options were offered - full closure, partial closure. No option for No Closure.

Don't say the majority favoured full closure using the quote that 60% (that sounds alot) of 640 people did. That's only 384 people out of 67345 (2020 estimate) people living in Paignton. Or, 0.0057%. Even less if you use the total population number for Torbay!

The trial was I believe for 18 months and I don't remember phase 2 after 3 months being mentioned. That maybe my oversight, you tell me.

It seems like the lure of a £13m project went to some peoples heads.

I have no political issue here but I dislike being manipulated, mislead and paying high Council Tax, soon to go up I expect, to be governed by highly paid people who are incompetent.

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